and leave them to their bawdy business


Carol: Give me a break! You don’t even go by “Captain Marvel”! You haven’t used it in years— It wasn’t yours to begin with— And! you have like fifteen alternate code names anyway, Monica-Photon-Pulsar-Captain-Marvel-Rambeau!
Monica: I’m sorry, did I just hear that right? Am I being judged by Ms.-Captain-Warbird-Binary-Marvel…?
Carol: …Touche.
Monica: All I’m saying is, you should have called. It’s like you want to date my ex? Doesn’t matter how long we’ve been broken up, he’s still my ex. You call.
Carol: You’re right. I’m sorry…I should have called.
Monica: Damn straight. Nobody should find out something like that from a google alert. It’s unciviliz—
Carol: Wait—what?
Monica: Did you see any boats down there?
Carol: I’m sorry, did you just let slip that you have a google alert set up on your code name…?!
Monica: No, I asked you if you saw any boats down there.
Carol: You do! You google yourself! [clap clap clap] Monica.
Monica: Carol:
Carol: You stop with the code name nonsense, and I will not tell Tony Stark about your google alert.
Monica: You tell Tony, you might as well tell every—
Carol: That’s right.
Monica: And you admit you should have called?
Carol: I should have called.
Monica: …Deal.
Carol: You know, I sure have missed you…googler.
Monica: I’ve missed you too…thief.

— From Captain Marvel #7 by Kelly Sue DeConnick & Christopher Sebela, art by Dexter Soy